I used to think it would be quiet the privilege if one of my children deviated from my genetic material and turned out to be super intelligent.  Intelligent enough to receive an invitation to study at Harvard would have been the ultimate compliment.

Anymore though, I’m starting to have my doubts.  Seems like every time I turn around, there is another study coming out of Harvard (or Yale, or ‘insert name’ of any other liberal, arrogant, Northeast based institute of higher learning) that seems geared more toward advancing a left leaning agenda and less about disseminating useful information.

Take the recent study published by the Harvard School of Public Health lead by Dr. An Pan, a prominent biochemist and molecular biologist.  It seems Dr. Pan would have us believe that since a group of nurses, operating in a high stress environment and eating a poor, unbalanced diet (read fast food on the go) had a higher incidence of coronary and cancer issues, that those health concerns were somehow linked to red meat consumption and that we should all beware. These finding were not discovered using blood work in a lab, but rather by the subjects answering questions on a survey.  Again, I’m no brain trust.  But if I were going to slander an entire industry and call it research, I think I would at least gather some physical evidence to support my case.  Unfortunately, since perception carries more weight than reality with the general public, those of us involved in animal agriculture once again are finding ourselves on the defensive.

The folks at Livestrong.com know a little bit about cancer and coronary health.  Inspired by Lance Armstrong, the organization puts out a wealth of information and useful tools relating to health, exercise and nutrition.  Adam Bornstein is the editorial director and writes regularly on issues relating to fitness and nutrition.  He has a much different perspective about red meat and explains it well in an article entitled: Are Burgers Healthy?  Why Red Meat is NOT Bad for You.

I, for one, am resolved to ignore the intelligentsia and am going on the offense.  A couple of days ago, I received on my porch a package of rib-eyes and filet mignons  from Nolan Ryan Beef. They are currently marinating in my secret marinade.  The vegetables are cut and ready to roast. The grill is fired up and hot and the red wine is a perfect 65 degrees.  It’s spring break at my house and we’re about to enjoy the ultimate in taste and nutrition — BEEF!

How about you?

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